Memorabilia courtesy of Allan Nicholls

1964- May 1966

Earliest promo shot 1964

...another early promo photo

Their 1st single - 500 copies (if even that) were pressed
"Cheryl / All My Loving" 1964

Signed to RCA!

TV taping

January 1965

3 songs on the charts in May, 1965

Beaver Lake, Ontario - June 1965

Their only LP release, on RCA Victor Canada International
Available in Stereo (PCS-1086) and Mono (PC-1086)
Recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at RCA Studios
Released in Summer 1965

Doug West, Allan Nicholls, Andy Kaye, Bill Hill & Lou Atkins

Fan Club book (they had 2000+ members!)

Master tape log for "Poor Anne" October 8, 1965

December 1965

The group appeared in "Playgirl Killer" - filmed in the Summer of 1965

See the video of "Leave My Woman Alone"

May 1966