The Super Oldies station is now available ONLY on Roku.
Enjoy unlimited listening time, commercial free for a yearly subscription of $11.99

The number of new Super Oldies tune-ins has been overwhelming!

With the flood of new listeners, we’ve had to enter a whole new tier of licensing,
streaming costs, server costs and our expenses have increased substantially
while it seems the majority of listeners are using the same old “I’m on a limited budget” reasoning
and our donations have diminished to our lowest in over 20 years. 

The station cannot cater to this number of non-supporters who love us only when it is “free”.
We have already provided over 20 years of free listening enjoyment.

With 95% of our listeners using Roku, we are now streaming for a yearly subscription fee of $11.99

If you do not think it is worth $1 a month, you certainly have
other alternatives that will meet your budget and level of support.

$1 will help us operate at a higher level and you will be able to enjoy the same
groovy content all year long, AND with unlimited listening time.
Wake to it - go to sleep to it - leave it on for your pets when you step out. 
And, NO ADS! We want to keep things commercials free.

There is unique content on the Super Oldies station that you will not hear anywhere else,
and we really believe that what we are playing for you is the greatest music ever made.

As Huey Lewis said: “the heart of rock and roll is still beatin'”….
we hope you will show your support and help us keep it alive!