Canada's Top Instrumental Group

Barry Allen, Wes Dakus, Stu Mitchell, Bob Clarke (1964)


Pink Canary / Road Block Quality 1982X Canada Nov 1959

Taboo / Remind Me

Quality 1023X Canada April 1960
El Ringo / Creepy Quality 1250X Canada Dec 1960
Cavalier Twist / Walk Down Quality 1480X Canada April 1962
Surfs U Rite / Dog Food Gallio 102 USA October 1963
Pedro's Pad / Side Winder Quality 1631X (Can) United Artists US 722 (USA) June 1964

Las Vegas Scene / Sour Biscuits

Quality 1660X (Can) Swan 4206 (USA) Sept 1964
Hobo / Rolling Rock Capitol 72213 Canada Jan 1965
Honeybun / Come On Down Capitol 72259 Canada May 1965
The Wes Dakus Album Capitol T-6120 (mono) Canada Sept 1965



So Fine / Hobo / Twine Time / Rattlesnake / Rolling Rock / Honeybun / Come On Down / Roulette / 20-75 / Night Walk / Fried Rice / Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy


The Hoochi Coochi Coo / Feel Good

Capitol 72305 Canada Oct 1965
Snooper / She Ain't No Angel Capitol 72350 Canada April 1966
We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin' /Bach's Back Capitol 72396 Canada Sept 1966
Armful Of Teddy Bears / Sad Souvenirs
(as Barry Allen & Wes Dakus' Rebels)
Capitol 72496 (Can) Kapp 806 (USA) Dec 1966
Momma's Boy / In The Midnight Hour Capitol 72442 Canada Jan 1967
Shotgun / Lobo, The Ferocious Dog Capitol 72457 Canada April 1967
Manipulator / Come On In Capitol 72484 Canada May 1967
Peggy Sue / See Saw
(as Dennis Paul with Wes Dakus' Rebels)
Capitol 72469 (Can) Kapp 815 (USA) June 1967
Casting My Spell / Acid
(as Stu Mitchell with Wes Dakus' Rebels)
Kapp 829 USA Summer 1967
Casting My Spell / Mission Bell Artone 25.777 Netherlands (with pic sleeve) Summer 1967
Wes Dakus' Rebels (LP) Kapp KS 3536 (stereo)
KL 1536 (mono)
USA Aug 1967
    You Just Keep Me Hanging On / Armful Of Teddy Bears / See Saw / Someone Stronger / Love Is Just A Word / Mission Bell / Peggy Sue / Sad Souvenirs / Casting My Spell / Big-City People / Mockingbird  

Volume 1

Super Oldies CD USA July 2006
Volume 2 Super Oldies CD USA June 2007
Volume 3 Super Oldies CD USA March 2012


Super Oldies CD releases:
All are Limited Edition pressings of 500 copies.



"Tremendous packaging and excellent graphics design on the booklets!"

"Superb package of a release I had waited years to own"

"It's fantastic that this music is finally being re-released in its entirety.
This is important Canadian music history, as well as being great instrumental rock music in its own right"

"seminal instrumentals in the late 50s and early 60s, this long overdue first volume
of vault purges shows off one of the roots of surf * * * * * (5 stars) Reverb Central

"Thank god for foreign labels, which have long led the way in rescuing rare Canadian recordings from oblivion.
This past year, Minnesota's "Super Oldies" reissued classic music from Edmonton's instrumental pop gods Wes Dakus & The Rebels.
If only Canada's own labels were as adventurous and historically minded." - Eye Weekly

"Despite being quite successful in their day, Wes Dakus and the Rebels have been largely forgotten, although their music has begun to resurface in recent years, thanks to efforts such as this one. This CD is a great collection of top-notch instrumental rock and some decent vocal cuts. These tracks offer a different perspective on the group, and give a bit of insight as to their live approach. Super Oldies should be commended for gathering all of this rare material and making it available. This is one of my favourite reissues of recent years, and Volume 2 is the perfect companion" - "Mysterious Vault" blog



You could grow old and gray waiting for EMI Canada to get around to releasing a proper reissue of the awesome instrumental recordings that Edmonton's Wes Dakus cut with his Shadows-inspired "Rebels" at Norman Petty 's famed studio in Clovis, New Mexico, back in 1964. Fortunately, the Minnesota-based Super Oldies label is doing it for them.

The superb "Wes Dakus & The Rebels, Volume 2" collection presents the 12 rockin' tracks from the classic Capitol 6000 Series LP "The Wes Dakus Album With The Rebels" in stereo for the first time, which is reason enough for Canuck rock 'n' roll fans to celebrate.

But there's more. As a bonus, they've thrown in 11 more singles sides and previously unreleased rippers, including the boss Quality double-sider of "Las Vegas Scene" and "Sour Biscuits".

Informative liner notes and choice pics make for a super-swank package worthy of these trailblazers.

~ Tim Perlich ("Now" magazine) Toronto, Ontario, Canada (July 2007)

* * * * * (5 stars) ~ Reverb Central  FULL REVIEW

Like The Ventures, The Shadows, and other instrumental bands of the 1960s, Wes Dakus and The Rebels offered a cool alternative to vocal groups of the day. The talented Edmonton outfit got to record at Buddy Holly's legendary studio in Clovis, New Mexico, where it cut such reverb-heavy originals as "Hobo", "Sour Biscuits", and "Fried Rice". Now Thankfully back in circulation, these highly danceable tracks - including the slinky classic "Rattlesnake" - revive the thrilling twang of Canada's pioneering beat group. 

~ Nicholas Jennings ("Hello! Entertainment") Toronto, Ontario (Aug. 2007)

A Canadian combo, Wes Dakus & The Rebels encountered a great deal of regional success throughout the sixties. They toured constantly, appeared on television and their discs regularly clutched the charts. Not too long ago, the Super Oldies label released an anthology of the band's early material and now they're back with a second installment.

Focusing on the years 1964 and 1965, when Wes Dakus & The Rebels were managed by Norman Petty and recorded their goods at the legendary producer's studio in Clovis, New Mexico, "Volume 2" ripples and rolls with some of the neatest instrumental guitar rock ever put to wax. A nice blend of original compositions, cover tunes and a few contributions from George Tomsco of The Fireballs are spread across the set, which is flooded with choppy chords, sturdy drumming and clinging melodies. Wes Dakus & The Rebels were one tight team, and "Volume 2" stands as an essential document of the style of music they played so well.

~ Beverly Paterson, "The Lance Monthly" (Sept. 2007)

"You have done an amazing job on the re-mastering and packaging
of both CDs and I look forward with great anticipation to Volume 3."