Rick Pearson

You've heard the old saying "some of the best music is never heard",
which in the case of Rick Pearson rings true.

Despite being a strong songwriter and super talented multi-instrumentalist
this musician from the Canadian prairies has somehow fallen through the cracks for
being nationally recognized but thankfully left behind a catalog of great material.

From 1968 to 1982, Rick was recording frequently - solo material and along
with the groups The House Of Random, Savanna and Canadian Connection.
There is a wide variety of material here from Beatlesque pop, classic rock,
country, soft-rock and sunshine pop all in Rick's laid-back yet exciting style.

This CD collects those various recordings which are mostly Rick's own compositions
resulting in an enjoyable release by one of Canada's most overlooked talents.

Sending My Dreams
Sun & The Rain
Donít Seem Right
Show Me
House Of Random - In Orbit
Go Live Your Own Life
I Still Remember
Pretend (string version)
Waving Bye
All Our Good Times
Take You All The Way
House Of Random - American Pie
House Of Random - Sunshine
Beside You Baby
I Feel Bad
Savanna - Waiting
Savanna - The Distance (That Keeps Us Apart)
Savanna - Youíre My Senorita
Savanna - Cavalier Inn jingle
Canadian Connection - Write Me A Letter
Merilee (live 2009)

home demos
Once A Million Years Ago
I Donít Care If The Sun Donít Shine
Sometimes When You Meet Someone
Happy In The Morning Sun

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