...Livingston, I Presume?


A requested collection of Canadian soft-rock from the late '70s!
Vancouver, BC native Rick Wanzel started his music career with '60s group "One Way Street"
which folded in 1968. He moved to Toronto and became Rick "Livingston" where
producer Bob Hahn helped him get signed to the Polydor label for 2 singles in 1976.

"Super Do Nothin' Day" peaked on Canada's RPM charts at #73 in July 1976.

Hahn started his own label the following year and released Rick's only full length LP on Rising Records in 1977.

This collection features a raw transfer off the original master tapes of the album;
+ the 45-only "I'll Come If You Want Me To"
+ 9 songs recorded at Sounds Interchange in Toronto, Ontario
to be considered for Rick's next release.

Unfortunately Bob folded his Rising label later in the year,
and Rick scrapped his plans as a performer to go into the
clothing business where he became very successful.

Fortunately we are left with an enjoyable release of easy-listening
and melodic '70s pop courtesy of the Estate Of Bob Hahn.

Hereís To Love
Super Do Nothiní Day
Matter For Your Heart
Take A Chance
Good Love
Let It Slide
Imagine Meetiní You
Is It Love
One More Time
Iíll Come If You Want Me
You & I Me
Looking At You
Can I Count On You
Bet She Says That To All The Boys
Donít Be Cruel
Everybody Needs A Dream
Love Is All We Got
Music Man
Oh Sweet Mama

20 tracks
44.1 - 16 bit FLAC download
480 MB size zip file
original art & discography in a pdf

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