At 5'3, Pat Hervey could belt out a tune with a similar style to Brenda Lee and was one of Canada's successful early female singers of the '60s.

Pat grew up in Toronto, first singing in public when she was 9 in a high school choir and with a girlfriend who played guitar at social dances and parties.  Toronto DJ Al Boliska heard her at an amateur Rock & Roll show and put her in touch with CBC Television. The network signed her and she appeared regularly on their "Club 6", "Country Hoedown", "Music Hop", "Parade", "While We're Young", and "Holiday Ranch" other shows.

Art Snider was musical director for another TV production "Club Six", and suggested she make some recordings for his Chateau label. In the Summer of 1962 she had her first hit with "Mr. Heartache". Snider held the sessions in Nashville & Chet Atkins produced 4 tracks for her, resulting in Pat being signed by RCA Victor Canada. Atkins produced her entire first LP but it didn't contain her hit songs. "Tears Of Misery" stayed on the charts for nearly 3 months, followed by "Walking In Bonnie's Footsteps". She later became the featured singer on the Tommy Hunter Show (a popular country / variety show in Canada for many years). She won a Top Country Female Award in 1964 then made a move to Stan Klees' Red Leaf label. 

Nothing seemed to make an impression on the new label, and she moved to Vancouver in 1969 and "retired" from the music business, aged 22. This proved to be a short hiatus. She had her own Summer television show in 1970 and recorded another album Peaceful in 1971 on the CBC/RCA Camden label.

She married renowned Canadian jazz guitarist Oliver Gannon and resided in British Columbia, where they had a 4 piece group and perform as The Oliver Gannon/Patty Hervey Quartet. She focused her career on jazz, singing and playing bass in Vancouver's best jazz venues, proving to be a vocalist & musician capable of any genre and creating a lifetime of great music.

Patty braved a 15 month courageous fight against esophageal cancer, passing away July 31, 2016.

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PAT HERVEY   (RCA Victor  PCS/PC-1021) 1965

Pain / Sea Breeze / The Many Moods Of My Baby / This Ole House / Tiger Man
Willow / Just Words / Summertime / Hava Nagila / Hand A Handkerchief To Helen / Every Girl

PEACEFUL   (RCA Camden CAS-2393)  1971

Any Day Now / Pussy Willows, Cat Tails / They Don't Give Medals / If You Go Away / With Pen In Hand / Courtyard
Reverend Posey / Scarborough Fair-Canticle / We're Falling In Love Again / Malaguena Salerosa / Peaceful  


Stormy Weather / Lonesome Trail

Chateau 135


Mr. Heartache / First Thing Tomorrow

Chateau 143


A Mother's Love / Heaven For A While

Chateau 149


Tears Of Misery / Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

RCA 1332


I Wouldn't Blame You / A Mother's Love

RCA 8197


Walkin' In Bonnie's Footsteps / It's Love That Really Counts

RCA 8281


Think About Me / I'll Count Every Hour

Red Leaf 103


Think About Me / I'll Count Every Hour ACT 103 1964

He Belongs To Yesterday / Don't You Make A Fool Of Me

Red Leaf 105


Ain't A Girl Allowed To Cry / You Don't Know Him

Red Leaf 106


Can't Get You Out Of My Mind / Givin' In 

President (PT 100) UK


The Land I Dream Of / Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

Ame 108


Sing / A Song For You / Killing Me Softly With His Song / Summer Breeze

CBC 270 1971

Where You Lead / Bidin' My Time

CBC Radio Canada (LM 127)


Tears Of Misery / Walkin' In Bonnie's Footsteps Avanti (A-1001) bootleg (blue vinyl)

note: all CD releases are bootlegs from vinyl sources. Only "Tears Of Misery" has been legitimately released on the "Made In Canada" CD from BMG.

On The Charts
Mr. Heartache - #14 July 1962
A Motherís Love - #39 December 1962
Heaven For Awhile - #30 - December 1962
Tears Of Misery - #11 March 1963
Walking In Bonnieís Footsteps - #16 - January 1964