Karen Marklinger / The Metro-Gnomes

Some fantastic Manitoba talent gets an overdue release!

The first solo effort from Chad Allan after departing from the Guess Who
was first issued as "Looking Through The Crystal Glass".
In the summer of 1968, Producer Bob McMillan began recording tracks with Chad, Karen Marklinger & Corrine Cyca
for CBC TV's lineup of music shows. The trio sounded great together and he approached the Birchmount label to
repackage the album under the group name "The Metro-Gnomes".
The originals showcase what McMillan saw in Chad and the female vocalists...soaring talent.

Karen Marklinger does lead on "Curtains" (a standout track!), "For Once In My Life" and "This Girl's In Love With You",
Corrine Cyca shows off her unique sound on "Love Needs A Solid Foundation" and "I'm Sorry"
leaving us to wonder how these 2 are not household names and in the Canadian music history books.

Karen Marklinger was soon signed to London for her lone single (and a rare one at that) while completing
her full album for the Canadian Talent Library. Mix a bit of Karen Carpenter, Dionne Warwick, Susan Jacks,
with her own full sound, she could handle lounge jazz, sunshine pop, a hint of country, and whatever else was thrown her way,
and one will appreciate the horribly overlooked talent this versatile vocalist had.

All of this material makes its official debut courtesy of the Library & Archives of Canada,
Karen Marklinger, The Estate of Robert McMullin & Doug Hutton Music.

The Metro-Gnomes (1969)
featuring the vocals of
Chad Allan, Karen Marklinger & Corrine Cyca

Proud Mary
Trains & Boats & Planes
For Once In My Life
Looking Through Crystal Glass
Moody Manitoba Morning
Love Needs A Solid Foundation
I'll Think Of You Sometimes
This Girl's In Love With You
We Are The Gentle People
I'm Sorry

Karen Marklinger
"Colours Of The Rainbow" LP + 7 bonus tracks (1971-1973)

Fallin' In & Fallin' Out
Oh Oh What Love Can Do
Cotton Jenny
You Made Me What I Am
Moment Of Love
You Can Never Go Home
All We Have Is Now
Saturdays Clothes
Colours Of The Rainbow
File It Under Forgotten
The Man They Call Rainbow
Remember My Love
It's A Great Life
It Takes A Lot Longer Than That
What A Little Love Can Do
Long Way Home

28 tracks + 6 page pdf booklet
raw transfer of original sources
44.1 kHz - 16 bit FLAC audio

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"Love it! So good to hear Chad Allan's voice again and I had forgotten what an incredible singer Karen Marklinger is.
But the real extra-special treat are the arrangements by Bob McMullin. Absolutely gorgeous arrangements.
Takes me back to the days of regional music shows with local talent. This is a rare and delightful treat for the ears.
Highly recommended. Thanks for putting this marvelous collection together"
John Einarson - Manitoba music historian