Laurie Bower Singers
Feelin' Good
Ltd Edition Pressing

If this doesn't put you in a relaxed mood....nothing will!

This rare and sought after slice of sunshine pop
is a fantastic treat for the ears,
and an essential addition for fans of the
Mutual Understanding, Billy Van Singers, Johnny Burt Society,
and other easy-listening sunshine pop of the late '60s.

Groovy bossa-nova and jazz arrangements,
plus the smooth & superb vocals from
Laurie Bower, Rhonda Silver, Patty Van Evera,
Tommy Ambrose, Kathy Collier and Vern Kennedy.

This was released as a promotional album exclusively for radio play
titled "Feelin'" from the Canadian Talent Library in 1968;
then commercially on RCA in 1969, which is even harder to find.

4 bonus tracks included are from the
1967 & 1968 C.B.C. Song Market LPs
that fit in perfectly with the main album.

Packaged in a 4-panel eco-wallet including original album liner notes
on an archival grade CD-R.

You should be hearing the sound clip...
if not, hit "refresh" and it should play automatically.

Didn't We
You're Driving Me Crazy
Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
Here's That Rainy Day
I've Found A New Baby
Wedding Cake
Penny Lane
The Importance Of A Rose
Sing Me A Rainbow
Something Is Happening
Early Morning Rain

bonus tracks:
Sometime Girl
Surrounded By The Night
Wish It So
Love Is Gone


U.S.A. $12.99

CANADA: $18.99

OVERSEAS: $19.99

477 MB download includes pdf artwork