There Are Things

The first act signed to Bob Hahn's newly formed "Astra Records" label in 1971
was a Montreal group headed by Noah Salzman and Kurt Shaffhauser.

The singles "There Are Things" and "When I Was Young" hit Canadian charts,
and their rare recordings have never been reissued until now.

Whether you label it soft-rock or psychedelic folk, fans of The Vejtables
or similar male/female vocal groups will appreciate this group's sound.
Listeners will enjoy numerous overlooked and shining moments
of this group's original music in their psychedelic tinged folk rock style.

The original 1971 Astra album is featured along with two 45-only tracks;
plus two 1976 singles under their new name of "Rockgarden"
that were issued on Bob Hahn's new "Rising Records" label,
and as a bonus track, Noah Salzman's popular Canadian 7-Up jingle is included.

This is an exclusive "download-only" release;
these are raw, uncompressed transfers from the original master tapes;
18 FLAC sound files along with an 8-page pdf booklet.

Super Oldies is pleased to present this Canadian rock rarity exclusively licensed from The Estate Of Bob Hahn.

There Are Things
When I Was Young
Will I Make It
Like A Rolling Stone
Smile Away
A Month Today
I Know
No One Really Cares
Tomorrow’s Sunshine
Trilogy: You’re Right / Between Us Two / A Flower
You Can’t Do That
Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You

as "Rockgarden":
Everyone's Gone To The Movies
You Gotta Believe Me
Would You Like To La La La
Wondering Why

7-Up jingle

300 MB size .zip file

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