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Come Summer


Bah bah bah - remember that smooth, easy listening '70s pop sound often heard in elevators, malls and on FM radio?
Definitely an acquired taste, but who knew this slice of sunshine pop was so desired in collector circles!? 

If you have even seen this rare Canadian Talent Library album on the internet,
you will know the high prices it usually goes for.

Johnny Burt was arranger, composer and band leader on CBC productions in Toronto, Canada starting as far back as 1946.

As music director from 1962-72 for the Canadian Talent Library label, Burt chose the label's artists and supervised their recordings.
 His various genres of "Johnny Burt Orchestra" groups made eight LPs of pop songs in orchestral, big band, and choral settings for
the label
as well as music backgrounds for various CBC productions and the "Chappell Library of Background Music".

When the "sunshine pop" genre was in full swing in the early '70s, Burt gathered the elite CBC vocalists
and assembled them for this album consisting of current pop hits and some of his original compositions.

The 6 piece vocal group included:
Stephanie Taylor (The Willows, Laurie Bower Singers, Hagood Hardy & Montage, Keith Hampshire's Music Machine)
Lynne McNeil (Hagood Hardy & Montage, Tommy Hunter Show, Dal Richards)
Kathy Collier, Vern Kennedy and Les Leigh (Laurie Bower Singers, Mutual Understanding, Billy Van Singers) 
Harvey Patterson (CBC music director and vocal arranger for the "Harmony Singers")

Backing musicians included Toronto's best, mainly CBC personnel, most had also appeared on the Mutual Understanding LP
including Guido Basso, Moe Koffman, Ed Bickert, Bobby Edwards, Erich Traugott, Jerry Fuller and others.

This Summer 1972 album makes its official debut from master tapes
courtesy of the Library & Archives of Canada and The Johnny Burt Estate


Come Summer
Is This The Way To Amarillo
And You Were There
The Candy Man
Speak Softly Love
Summer Summer
Until You Came Along
Something Big
Don't Say You Don't Remember
Turn Your Radio On
In The Arms Of Home

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