The Guitar Of

Perhaps Canada's most overlooked early guitar stylist, this collection features
Hugh Dixon's output on the Click & Rusticana labels from 1962-1965.

Besides being a record-setting race car driver & backing Bob Davies for a number of years,
the full story of the late Hugh Dixon is pretty much a mystery.
We couldn't track down any family members for information,
but he left behind a nice catalogue of instrumental tunes.

He really could "play it all" as evident with these selections...
Hugh was a big fan of Les Paul and his multi-track guitar recording technique.

You'll hear traces of Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, and The Fireballs
along with Hugh's own smooth guitar playing style.

33 instrumental tracks...78 minutes of music
his 3 Click label singles and selections from his 3 Rusticana albums
of which half are Hugh's original compositions *

A Bit Of Fuzz *
Yellow Bird
All Gone *
Funny One *
Coffee Break *
True Love
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Candy Apple Red *
Duane's Best
Night Train
Ball & Chain *
Lost Guitar *
Wild Mouse *
Honky Tonk
Road Rat *
Shock Alot *
Big Guitar
Yackety Clap *
Big Blast *
Dead End *
The Flop *
Wheelspin *
Five Foot Two
I Want A Girl
Ain't She Sweet
Darktown Strutters' Ball
The Sidewalks Of New York
Bye Bye Blues

270 MB FLAC download (zip file) + 4 pg pdf artwork


"Received my copy today (very speedy arrival!) and have enjoyed it.
It's all mono and instrumental, but the sound is just fine and the selection is impressive.
There are some standards here, but it looks like about half the songs have Mr. Dixon as composer.
His playing is enjoyable, and a majority of the tunes are of the uptempo variety.
The price was excellent and it's well worth purchasing".
~ B.O.

"A really enjoyable compilation of this relatively little known but very talented Canadian guitarist who just happens
to have the only Canadian instrumental album ever issued in England....namely High School Guitar/Frantic Guitars.
Thanks for taking the time and spending the money to make such affordable limited releases available to a few
of us Canucklehead collectors hiding out here in the Great White North".
~ Thomas N