Dedicated to the memory of Eagle Records founder,
Wes Nowosad (Jan. 23, 1933 - Dec.4, 2006)

The Best Of EAGLE RECORDS CD (expanded edition)
31 tracks + 24 pg. full color booklet
From the original master tapes

CURLY ERWIN - Just To Tease Me
CURLY ERWIN - Baby You're For Me
IRVIN FREESE - Honey Bunny Gal
IRVIN FREESE - Shell Lake Disaster
IRVIN FREESE - The Flin Flon Song
ART YOUNG - Little Tot
ART YOUNG - Autumn Leaves
HANK TURKO (with Johnny & The Nite-Liters) - Teenage Fool
HANK TURKO (with Johnny & The Nite-Liters) - Lucky Love
THE SHONDELS - Shake A Tail Feather
THE SHONDELS - Don't Put Me Down
THE SHONDELS - Every Day, Every Night
THE SHONDELS - Great Balls Of Fire
SATAN & THE D-MEN - She'll Lie
THE SHAGS - Smiling Fenceposts
THE SHAGS - Dr. Feelgood
THE TRIPPERS - The Rains Came
THE TRIPPERS - For Your Return
GOOD FEELING - Like I Love You
SWINGING STRINGS - Wonderful Winnipeg
(as featured in Guy Maddin's "My Winnipeg" movie)
THE QUID - Lover Lover
THE QUID - Crazy Things
THE QUID - Mersey Side
THE QUID - Catch The Wind
THE QUID - Wrong Line
THE QUID - Lindy Lou


USA: $12.99

CANADA: $15.99

OVERSEAS: $17.99

"The sound quality blew me away..."
"Everyone that picked up one of these CD's should be pleased with this release"
"Great liner notes, to the point & informative"
"sold over 100 copies in 5 days" Into The Music - Winnipeg, MB
"sound quality is smashing! Lovvvvely booklet & deeply recommended"


May 2005 - The Lance Monthly - Review
Based out of Winnipeg, Canada, the Eagle label was home to many a good band.
This thirty track retrospective centers on material recorded between the years 1965 and 1967,
and it's safe to say just about every offering had the potential to become a hit single.

One of the numerous prizes included on "Eagle Records Collection" is "Smiling Fenceposts" by The Shags, which fuses sun-soaked Beach Boys fashioned choruses with piles of power popping perfection. Satan and The D-Men also rate high on the list, as they stomp their noggins off to the brash tones of "She'll Lie," while on the opposite end of the stick they croon convincingly to "L-I-N-D-A," a moody ballad rife with dramatic yearning. "Don't Put Me Down" and "Every Day, Every Night" from The Shondells simmers and smokes with garage punk raunch, and The Pallbearers crop up on five cuts that expose their mercurial aptitude for soul, blues and pop rock.

The Quid contribute several songs to "Eagle Records Collection," beginning with the rowdy rockabilly ridges of "Crazy Things." Drafted of melodic guitar passages surrounded by tasteful arrangements, "Mersey Side" is a bouncy Shadows inspired instrumental, the fiery fervor of "Wrong Line" reveals an affection for early Kinks and Guess Who tuneage, a cover of Manfred Mann's "She" gallops with pop smarts and "Lover Lover" cops Jay and The Americans to the core, with its soaring vocal harmonies and Latin flavored textures.

Not only is the music on "Eagle Records Collection" absolutely great, but the sleeve notes accompanying the disc are also something special. Let's hope the Super Oldies label assembles more albums dedicated to the sounds of the past that still matter today.

Winnipeg, MB - April 7, 2005

"The original Winnipeg garage-rock scene-sters, many of whom havenít picked up an instrument for 30 years or more, pretty much disavow any knowledge of their past gnarliness. This 30-track gold mine of rare and unreleased tracks will set the record straight and is solid proof that the íPeg produced some truly estimable and underrated rock íní roll talent. Eight bands are represented and all recorded for the little indie label that was shooting for the stars but was held firmly on the wet banks of the raging Red River.
If you have never heard The Shondelsí pumping "Every Day, Every Night" or Satan and the D-Menís "Sheíll Lie"
then you havenít heard pure, head-busting Canuck g-rock. This set easily outshines the Bomp/Voxx LP."
Jeff Monk

"I just got the Best of Eagle Records CD and it's great! I like how the songs are really diverse between the country-rockabilly-garage rock on this cd. About five or more years ago, I heard Satan & The D-Men on 58 CKYwhen they had their locals/oldies show on Friday afternoon (yes, the signal reached all the way to Fargo, ND), and I had always wanted to pick up some of their tunes. Well, I never had gotten around to finding anything (yeah, like I'm going to find the old 45's at a reasonable price!), and last weekend they crossed my mind again. A google search, an easy to order website (yours!) and long story longer - I got the CD. I just wanted to say "thank you" for doing what you do. Some of this amazing music could be swept under the rug and forgotten, if not for your efforts. I'm a 36 year old guy, who came up on punk rock, with an appreciation for older, garage rock. So again, thanks for the work that you do. I can't wait to pick up the Buried Treasures and Franklin Records CD's...and thanks for an easy to navigate website, that seems pretty user-friendly. Buying the Eagle Records CD was effortless."
Justin - Fargo, ND