Volume #1

Super Oldies is pleased to present this overdue series of '50s '60s & '70s rarities
with the goal of preserving the musical heritage of Canada.

Volume #1 includes a whopping 34 tracks from 10 artists,
featuring 4 unreleased
* tracks and 80 minutes of music!
Many are from master tape sources,
with pdf artwork packed with information and memorabilia

Young Canada Singers - Canada
Red & Les Trio - Marlene
Red & Les Trio - Pretty Miss Eyes Of Blue
Red & Les Trio - I Want Love, Not Sympathy 
Red Shea - Moon Boogie Twist
Lorne Croswell - Pen-Pal Girl
Lorne Croswell - Loving You *
Rhonda Silver - Blue Party Dress
Larry Lee & The Leesures - Odd Man Out
Larry Lee & The Leesures - Lonely Weekends
Larry Lee & The Leesures - Toodle-Oo Kangaroo
Larry Lee & The Leesures - Barefootin'
Canadian Downbeats - Say Goodbye To Me Baby
Canadian Downbeats - That’s The Way
Canadian Downbeats - Surf Party
Canadian Downbeats - White Sands Of Paradise
Mel West & The Meteors - Sad And Blue
Mel West & The Meteors - Marilyn
Mel West & The Meteors - The Seventh Saint
Mel West & The Meteors - When You Hear Me Knockin’
The Willows - My Kinda Guy
The Willows - Hurting All Over
The Willows - Outside The City
The Willows - The Snow Song
The Willows - World Without Sunshine *
Chapter V (aka Badd Cedes) - Dolly’s Magic
Chapter V - Headshrinker
Chapter V - The Sun Is Green
Marshmallow Soup Group - Michael Michael *
Marshmallow Soup Group - My World Fell Down *
Marshmallow Soup Group - I Love Candy
Marshmallow Soup Group - If I Could Reach You
Marshmallow Soup Group - Sing To My Lover
Marshmallow Soup Group - Barbie Lee

zip file download with pdf artwork - 400 MB size

The Reviews:

"Sounds fantastic! Looks fantastic! Another top notch job"

"Just had the first listen to it and it sounds GREAT!!!
Booklet is packed with great facts, info and photos...
another fan-tastic product keeping the Canadian music heritage alive.
Great job Shawn.. looking forward to more releases"

"I received my CD in the mail, and it blew my mind.
The quality of the audio is fantastic.
I own some of these 45s, and even new they didn't sound this good.
The wait was well worth it...and I can't wait to see what's cookin' for Volume Two"

"Won-der-ful. Great looking and sounding package.
I'll buy anything you put out. When it's done right it's well worth the $$."

"Much of the music on this release is music I've been trying to get  for ten years now.
Your dedication to finding, collecting and ultimately re-issuing these sides is greatly appreciated"

"Amazing booklet, a slew of impossible to find tracks with great sound quality"