Super Oldies presents a very limited edition release of sunshine pop!

Although he is primarily known to current generations from the Canadian TV
show "The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein", Billy Van Evera was a well established
comedian, actor and singer forming the "Billy Van Four" vocal music group in the late 1950s.
They appeared on TV frequently but only released one 45.

In 1967, producer Bob Hahn had been using the "Four" on his radio jingles
and was looking for a vocal group to record a full album of his original songs.

Combining the Billy Van Four with CBC-TV performers Rhonda Silver (The Willows)
and the Laurie Bower Singers,
Hahn had this all-star 9 piece group record his material,
and the final product was released by the Canadian Polydor label in 1968.

This overlooked release features baroque styings, psychedelic pop, bossa nova rhythms, ripping fuzz guitar,
plucked bass-lines, fluttering jazz traps, scat, vocalese, harmony vocals, and arrangements of the highest caliber.

If you enjoy the soft sounds of the Mutual Understanding, Anita Kerr Singers,
Laurie Bower Singers, etc. you'll enjoy these recordings.

The 1969 LP "Fall In - A Fun Fashion Musical",
featured 1 track from the group.

This CD release features the stereo album off the original
master tape, along with 10 bonus tracks
in a 6 panel eco-wallet with group history and memorabilia.   

Collectors Edition Pressing
6-panel eco-wallet packaging with group info,
photos & memorabilia

Billy Van Four
The Last Sunrise
I Miss You
Buckingham cigarette jingle
Esso Travel Bag jingle
Kodak Film jingle
Billy Van with Johnny Cowell Orchestra - The Golden Jet
Billy Van - Kiss The Wind
Billy Van - Single Moments (1967)
Rothmanís cigarette jingle (1967)

Presenting The Billy Van Singers (1968)

Iím Laughiní
You Donít Really Know
Why Oh Why
There Must Be A Reason
Youíve Got The World By The Tail
Youíre Wrong
Youíre Hanginí Me Up
Where Were You
How Can Anyone
Four Seasons
Tammyís Gone
Am I A Fool

This Could Be The Start Of Something Big

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CANADA: $14.99

OVERSEAS: $16.99