Jimmy Faragher, Danny Faragher, Greg Tornquist, Casey Cunningham

Impression 102 "The Mark Five"  I'm Through With You / I'll Keep On Trying 1965
Impression 106 "C - Minors"  Just A Little Feeling / Don't Go 196
Impression 107 "The Intercoms"  Please Try & Understand /  Unabridged, Unadulterated, Unextraordinary, Ordinary, Mediocre, Unoriginality Blues 196
Valiant 752 Lollipop Train / Bored To Tears 1966
Acta 807 She's The Kind Of Girl / Little Miss Sunshine July 1967
Acta 809 It's A Lazy Summer Day / Blue Eyes July 1967
Acta 38007 (LP) The Peppermint Trolley Co.
I've Got To Be Going / Baby You Come Rollin' Cross My Mind
I Remember Long Ago / Put Your Burden Down / Reflections
Beautiful Sun / Trust / Sunrise / Free / Pat's Song / Fatal Fallacy  
Sept 1968
Acta 815 Baby You Come Rollin' Cross My Mind / 9 O'Clock Business Man 1968
Dot 100 (UK) Baby You Come Rollin' Cross My Mind / 9 O'Clock Business Man 1968
Acta 829 Trust / I Remember Long Ago 1968
Acta 831 Beautiful Sun / I've Got To Be Going 1968
Acta 834 Memphis City Letter / Last Thing On My Mind 1969
Acta 835 Spinnin' Whirlin' Round / New York City 1969


July 29, 1967

Billboard album review - Sept 1968

Danny commented recently on the LP:
"You know, I hadn't really sat down and listened to it in thirty plus years.
I've discovered that I love it - the songwriting, the singing, the
craftsmanship, the vibe. I'd always underrated it. Now I believe it shines
like a long lost gem. It sounds better with each passing year.
   Thanks for all you've done to keep the legacy alive. Long live Super Oldies!!"


France - Stateside label 45 sleeve


Portugese EP 

Sheet Music


Clippings courtesy of Shawn Nagy, Clark Besch