BURIED TREASURES: Winnipeg Rock Gems (1958-1974)


RAY ST. GERMAIN - She's A Square
THE GALAXIES - Watch Your Step
GARY COOPER - Come On Pretty Baby
5 A.M. EVENT (aka Crescendos) - Hungry / Muddy Water
GOOD FORTUNE - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby / Say You're Mine
JUSTIN TYME - Miss Felicity Grey / Nonsense Child / Child Of Dawn / Julie's Just A Friend / I Need Your Love / Leaves Of Gold
LUVIN' KIND - That Jungle Sun / It's Not Always That Way / Without Her / Missy D.M.
MATCHED SET - Mr. Black / Someone Like You
THE ORFANS - Stone Fence / Shadow
THE ETERNALS - Girl In The Window / Born of Hate / Raining In My Heart 
PINK PLUMM - Along Came Pride
SATAN & THE D-MEN - All Canadian Boy / Telstar 2 / Satan John
THE SHONDELS - Another Man / Cruisin' / Free From Misery / I Take It Back / I Want To Dance With You / Please Be Mine
WIGGY SYMPHONY - Four Days From Monday / The Chosen Life
THE ACTION - It's Not The Way / Time Flies / Winsom's Melody / You're Gone
THE LYME - I'm Only Dreaming / Measles
THE PALLBEARERS - I'm Your King Pin / Each Other's Love / Now We're Through
THE JURY - I Tried To Tell Her / Until You Do / Not Guilty / It's Been A Long Time / Please Forget Her / Who Dat? / Back In My World
MAIN LINE - Money / Don't Wait Around
THE FIFTH - Yesterday's Today / Sunshine People / All I Want Is Love / Caprice / Tears
RICK PEARSON - Pretend / Merilee / All Our Good Times
ALAN SCHICK - Lucy Lucy Lucy

63 tracks - 32 page pdf booklet
FLAC format audio - 700 MB zip file


Winnipeg Free Press Review

FOLLOWING The Best of Franklin Records, a collection of long-lost Winnipeg recordings, Super Oldies has dug deeper into the vaults to come up with this two-disc companion piece that unearths more rare gems.

This treasure trove includes hitherto hard-to-find recordings by local legends like The Jury, Fifth, Shondels, Justin Tyme, Eternals, Luvin' Kind, Action, and Pink Plumm (featuring a pre-BTO Fred Turner) among others. Rarest of local recordings by The Crescendos (a.k.a. The 5 AM Event), Lyme, Wiggy Symphony, and Orfans make this a collectors dream. Rick Pearson's "Merilee" is the one that could have been a contender. Included in the package is a full color 32-page booklet chock full of photos, clippings and band bios.

If you want to know why all the fuss about '60s Winnipeg rock, The Shondels "Another Man" and The Luvin' Kind's "That Jungle Sun" say it all. * * * * *

-- John Einarson

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