We sincerely appreciate your feedback &  comments
and here's a few we've received so far...

...with choice cuts, Shawn Nagy is single-handedly making it safe to listen to oldies again"
~ San Francisco Chronicle

This station is the ultimate time capsule of music - what a variety!
This is an absolute dream-come-true for the musically advanced.

I just wanted to say that you have done a huge service to music fans in general with this site.
I'm a huge music fan, worked for years at rock radio in the seventies and early eighties,
mainly KSJO San Jose in that small window of "free form" FM rock.
When it comes to "oldies" (and I don't like that term)
the radio is just one big's like tons of vinyl never happened. to the rescue.
I thought I was pretty well educated on this stuff.
Well, thanks to you, I'm getting a much deeper education.

Just tuned in...there was hardly a clunker on in the 12-hour period I listened.
You also played some very interesting regional hits and B-sides I had never heard before, and trust me: I’ve heard everything.
Some very eclectic songs in there, but they all had some magic to them.
And there’s a real talent in being about to segue an early 1960s song with a mid-1980s song and not have it sound terrible;
everything I heard had a real natural flow to it.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy all of the details you have put into the Roku app.
I love to know the artists, song titles, the year it came out, album cover, your pick for the oldies photo of the day, and the length of the songs as they play.
You play songs the radio never played or didn't play enough in a very detailedway ....sights, sounds, and memories, multi audio/visual experience.
Thank you so much for your attention to detail and all of the fun and enjoyment you have created.
This music benefits good mental health. It is goodness.
~ Jody

Just wanted to thank you for doing such a terrific job with the station.
I hear a lot of marginal “oldies” stations on broadcast radio and on the net,
but Super Oldies is absolutely tops. Your selection of music continues to amaze me.
I’m very choosy about what I listen to, and the fact that you can have the taste
to choose the right songs and play them over an extended period without a clunker is astonishing.
If nothing else, you prove that it’s possible to mix in some non-hits and B-sides and not cause the audience to tune out.
Really good work! Marc W

Thank SO much for the gift of this music, many I haven't heard in 40+ years ....WoW!
What great memories you've stirred up here, you've made an old rock and roller very happy!
Shawn, You da Man!!!

Anyone who lives and breathes rock & roll should thank you
from the bottom of their heart for keeping the music alive & well

I just found this station last week. Unbelievable!!!!!
I haven't heard some of these songs since 1962.
I mean, tunes like Casanova Brown by the Young Sisters!
NOBODY else plays tunes like this.
Suffice it to say, I'm tired of the typical "oldies" station that plays the same
old songs....Happy Together...Unchained Melody....Satisfaction....
and that all-time classic...Joy To The World!!

Your station is amazing! I just discovered it - you play the songs that you cannot hear on the radio anymore!
Love the deep playlist and not the same 500 songs over and over.
I found the station via shoutcast. I wanted to hear an oldies station with a great presentation
and deep playlist. No other station comes close...
the best anywhere hands down!! 

I'm really pleased with the music you play. It's really brilliant to hear
some of these tunes that I'd long ago forgotten or may not have even heard
due to regional differences. I was even over in the UK during the late 60s
and I missed a lot of homegrown things. Every so often I hear something
from that time and everyone around me seems to know it but it is not
familiar at all to me. Even though it was very popular and played over and
over in the States it did not make a dent in the UK when I was there.
That always amazes me.

I love your station, it must have one of the deepest playlists i've ever heard.
Unlike other oldies internet radio stations I appreciate that you list what song is playing
and who the artist is instead of having to guess. Plus, I got a quick reply...
you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get any kind of response from other oldies internet radio stations.

This is the best play list I have heard since KFAT disappeared
from the FM air waves in the SF Bay Area.

This station is the greatest thing to come along since the transistor radio was invented!

"Oldies" radio as we know it is soooo boring.
I THOUGHT I had heard a lot of this vintage, but every day I listen while working
 in my home office and the education and  the musical enjoyment I find here is ENORMOUS.
 NO COMMERCIALS!  NEVER repetitious.
The variety is so large as to be downright educational.
It's terrific!

I have discovered so many new favorites since tuning in...

 I just want to say thank you for this station.  This music is before my
time but I only listen to oldies and classical music anymore.  I had always
lamented not being around to hear the other songs that were played
between '55 and '69 that never get played on radio anymore.  Now, here they are!
I am simply agog over finding this treasure.

Belize is in Central America, South of the Yucatan.

I have a little grocery shop, and play the station through the shop speakers.
I get comments from the tourists, several have asked for the station name
so they can listen when they get back to the States.

You're a beacon in the mediocrity of Clear Channel etc.,  great radio you're putting out.

This site is the real deal. The whole "oldies" thing is all here,
not the selective watered down crap played by the
the so-called programming experts on radio

Thanks for the greatest music, we all love the diversity and
the creativity that has been combined to make this THE Music Place to be.

...this guy is a walking music encyclopedia!
(Rich Dodson of "The Stampeders")

For the first time in literally years and years, listening to oldies is a learning experience for me.
I'll never have to turn the radio on again (and cringe from hearing the same few
songs over and over again) thanks to you. Thanks for making the internet useful.

...some stations don't show their playlist, so I can't increase my
musical knowledge very well from them. On others, I also have to wade through
all the hippie-dippy acid rock, plus they have about a three-day rotation.

Super Oldies, on the other hand, plays only the most melodic pop music from
my favorite era of music, gives artist and title info for every song, focuses on
lesser-known hits and great non-hits (with the occasional big hit for fun),
and most of all has that "it" factor. It sounds like it was programmed by someone
who really knows and loves pop music. Often I have that Twilight Zone feeling
that I'm listening to someone who's put my very own 45 collection online.

You capture the "it's all music" sensibility of classic Top 40,
before white music was segregated from black music and country from rock & roll.

I think you're not only providing a real treat for fans of the music,
I think you're providing a real service to the music itself and the people that made it.

"I want to sincerely say THANK YOU for not only preserving the music,
but putting so much time into researching it for others to enjoy"
Susan Jacks of "The Poppy Family"

You have an incredible knack for hunting down tapes,
people, and memorabilia that time has let us forget about.
Your detective work is truly amazing and it shows in your product.

I have been looking for this little spot of Heaven for years!

You are the best overall vintage radio station in the world.

Love the different music - you don't hear this music on the radio.

Wow!!! It's the best radio station around the world! Amazing, exciting, gigantic!!!

I love oldies much more now than before because of this station

Without a doubt, this is the best oldies broadcaster on the internet

I've worked in radio for over 30 years, so I know what sounds good...
this is wonderful!

As an old rocker, you can't imagine how refreshing it is to hear songs
I haven't heard ANYWHERE in 40 years and many I wish I'd heard before,
but which I'm glad to listen to now!

I'm in awe every time I tune in...I've never heard anything come close to this.

I see no reason to ever turn the radio on again!!! Thanks, Super Oldies!

Love your station. I have been listening since Dec. 2003 and
there just is nothing that comes close to Super Oldies!
Keep up the great have the best site on the whole net. 

I appreciate very much your music, the selection is very fine,
you play very special songs, which one can never hear on other stations.

This opens the way to properly research the history of American pop and other music of older times,
which we could not hear over here, as I grew up in the Fifties and Sixties
we could only listen to AFN Munich from Germany or Radio Luxembourg
or to other German or Austrian Stations, which played more American music.
Our radios as we were in a Communist country did not play so much American music.

Listening multiple times a month, and it never sounded "just the same as last time".
My congrats and thanks to you, Shawn. Nobody could do better!

When I first got XM radio I thought I was in oldies heaven.
After a few months I came to the conclusion that they thought Ricky Nelson only recorded two songs.
I grew up in the 50's and 60's and liked a lot of music that wasn't a #1 smash, or even a top 10 song.
Thanks for bringing that music back to me.

This music is the story of my life! My search for a real radio-station comes to an end now.

I had never followed the Internet radio scene before... just hadn't tuned in.
I had burned out on radio, all the repetition and commercials, and cursed the way
radio had permanently burned out a lot of classic songs for me.
I came to Super Oldies and I freakin' LOVE IT!!

Gonna tell a lot of my friends... it just seems like a gas gas gas!
sound quality is great - it's my new best friend!

It's amazing to discover a person with a passion so deep for a bygone era of music,
 who has not lived the experience of those times, with astonishing effort to collect and broadcast the very songs from those times.
Songs we thought we would never hear again and songs we have never heard of before while growing up. 

Best Oldies station on the internet, hands down...Even popular artists like the Stones and Elvis,
you play not just the universal hits that we all know but also songs that were not as popular as the big hits,
maybe a song that failed to crack the Top 20 that hasn't been heard in ages.
For instance, just heard an excellent song by George Harrison from 1975, called "You"
...not one of his biggest hits but definitely one of my favorite songs by him.
This is the only station that I have ever heard play it! Nothing in the ‘80s or ’90s is an oldie. Excellent