He hears "hey, are you related to...?" on a weekly basis,
when in fact "Nagy" (pronounced Nay-jee) is the most common
Hungarian surname...like Brown, Johnson or Smith in North America.

Born and raised in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada,
he grew up listening to his Mother's vast record collection of '50s & '60s music
and was surrounded by a wide variety of music from a musically talented family.

He starting piano lessons at age 8 and his parents
bought him a drum set at age 11, followed by an electric guitar at age 12.
After a swift smack to the shins with a frozen hockey puck,
Shawn's interests quickly shifted to spending more time with his music.
His graduating high school class had a grand total of 12 students.

Shawn attended a Broadcasting & Journalism school in Regina, Saskatchewan;
working at radio stations CJME & Z99 in Regina,
then to CKX-AM in Brandon, Manitoba in production and as on-air announcer.

In 1991 he went off to be a professional musician with his variety group
"The Shackshakers" for the next 27 years; producing concerts,
backing hit-makers, packing dance floors, and buying music
while touring across the nation.
He points out that he is a "music aficionado"...not a "record collector"!

He married in 1996 and settled in Minnesota; followed by a year long
residence in Lubbock, TX while performing as Buddy Holly
for Cactus Theater productions in Holly's hometown.
Then it was back to Minnesota to tour Mid-West venues for another 15 years.
The largest crowd he performed for....11,000.

During his travels, he noticed that his favorite music was disappearing from the
airwaves and began a 2 year quest to acquire every song that was on the Top 100 charts.
In an effort to preserve music of the '50s, '60s & '70s, he established Super Oldies in 2002.
The Super Oldies station first hit the internet in November 2003.

in 2005 Shawn began releasing CDs of Canadian artists and
acts associated with Norman Petty Studios of Clovis, New Mexico.
Super Oldies, the label, quickly established itself as one of the primary
reissue companies preserving vintage Canadian music.
By the time he wrapped up his reissue label in 2022,
33 CDs had been released.

Along the way he has also helped other labels with
graphic design, liner notes and research materials.
In 2015, he retired from performing and moved to sunny California,
determined to never shovel snow or scrape a windshield again.

In 2016 he began professionally licensing music to TV shows, commercials & movies
while dealing with the top production companies in Hollywood.

Also in 2016, he was put in charge of digitizing and cataloguing
materials for the Norman Petty Estate, Shawn revived
Norman's "Nor-Va-Jak Music" label that year in order to
reissue the wide variety of productions recorded at the
legendary studio in Clovis, New Mexico.
He has spent a couple of decades researching Petty-related
music & musicians and is working on an overdue documentary
about the Studio and the Pettys.

In between working on projects, soaking up the California sun,
and checking out new music,
he makes sure to set plenty of time aside for his beautiful wife Darlene.

We hope you are enjoying his efforts to preserve the greatest music ever made!