The Roses

David Bigham (front left)
Robert Linville (back)
Ray Rush (right)

The group hailed from the towns of Andrews & Odessa, TX & had originally backed up Roy Orbison on his Sun recordings. Being that Roy used the Clovis studios, it was through him that they were introduced to Norman Petty & became session vocalists there from 1957 to 1959.

The Roses were the only backing vocalists to tour with Buddy Holly & The Crickets.
They went on Alan Freed's "Biggest Show Of Stars" tour:

BIGGEST SHOW OF STARS FOR 1958 - Autumn Edition
FEATURING: Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darin, The Olympics, Dion & The Belmonts, Bobby Freeman, The Elegants, Jimmy Clanton
The Danleers, Duane Eddy, Clyde McPhatter, Jack Scott, The Coasters, Sil Austin Orchestra, Buddy Holly & The Crickets

3 - Worcester Auditorium - Worcester, MA
4 - State Theater - Hartford, CT
5 - Forum - Montreal, Quebec
6 - Memorial Centre - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
7 - Memorial Auditorium - Kitchener, Ontario
8 - Sports Arena - Toledo, OH
9 - Indiana Theatre - Indianapolis, IN (2 shows)
10 - State Fair Coliseum - Louisville, KY
11 - Veterans Memorial Auditorium - Columbus, OH
12 - Stanbaugh Auditorium - Youngstown, OH (2 shows)
13 - Syria Mosque - Pittsburgh, PA (2 shows)
14 - Akron Armory - Akron, OH (2 shows)
15 - Community War Memorial Building - Rochester, NY
16 - Catholic Youth Center - Scranton, PA
17 - Municipal Auditorium - Norfolk, VA (2 shows)
18 - Park Center - Charlotte, NC
19 - Mosque - Richmond, VA (2 shows)

Robert was drafted into the U.S. Army, David got married, and somehow the two lost touch. No attention was given to The Roses until the Clovis Music Festivals started up in the mid '80s and with each newspaper interview Robert (who helped organize the festivals) did, he mentioned how he would like to get in touch with his fellow Roses again. Finally in 1991, David Bigham's daughter read his story in an Amarillo newspaper and got the two reunited after 30+ years!

Ray Rush released a few singles under his own name and also acted as A&R man on several David Box recordings. He was supposedly to be promotions mgr. for Buddy's Prism record label, but dropped out of the company in its early stages. He stayed on in the music business & later discovered B.J. Thomas and eventually setting up a label in Nashville. It was suspected for years that he had passed away, but in June of 2002, he was found to be residing in Texas.


Robert & David both kept very busy with Wal-Mart men's choir, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and organized the Clovis Music Festivals as well as help with Petty Studio tours.

In 2000 (40 years since they had last recorded), they performed their classic backups once again on CD releases by "The Shackshakers", "The Fireballs" and "Jerry Naylor". Their track "Lotta Lovin" with The Shackshakers charted overseas later that year. In December of 2000 they were inducted into The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, and in April of 2001 performed at the Ryman Auditorium (Grand Ole Opry) in Nashville.

August 2002, David & Ray met again for the first time since the late '50s

Robert & David last performed together with The Fireballs in Lubbock, TX
in Sept. 2001 before Robert passed away in November of 2001.

Ray Rush resides in the Houston area,
David frequently helps out with Petty Studio tours in Clovis.

You can write David at:
The Roses
P.O. Box 5614
Clovis, NM  88102


Almost Paradise - The Roses
I Kissed An Angel -
The Roses
Rock Me My Baby -
The Roses
Tease -
Don & The Roses
Leave Those Cats Alone -
Don & The Roses
Right Now -
Don & The Roses
Since You Went Away To School -
Don & The Roses
Don't Try To Change Me -
Don & The Roses
Sweet & Easy To Love -
Roy Orbison (Sun Records)
Devil Doll -
Roy Orbison (Sun Records)
Fool's Hall Of Fame -
Roy Orbison (Sun Records)
(A Cat Called) Domino -
Roy Orbison
An Empty Cup (A Broken Date) -
Roy Orbison
A True Love Goodbye - Roy Orbison

It's So Easy -
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Think It Over -
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Fool's Paradise -
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Lonesome Tears -
Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Someone, Someone - The Crickets
Love's Made A Fool Of You -
The Crickets
Gonna Love My Baby - Jimmy Craig
All For You - Jimmy Craig
Walking In Darkness - Jimmy Craig
When Sin Stops -
Waylon Jennings
Talk About My Baby - Sonny Curtis
If I Had Known - Ken James
Within My Heart - Ken James
I Get The Blues When It Rains - Ken Pepper
Real Wild Child -
Ivan (J.I. Allison)
Frankie Frankenstein -
That'll Be Allright -
Oh Babe -
Jimmy Self
I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself - Buddy Knox
Somebody Touched Me -
Buddy Knox
To Be With You -
Buddy Knox
All For You - Buddy Knox
Hey Love - Buddy Knox
Patty Baby - Terry Noland
Don't Do Me This Way - Terry Noland
Believe A Traveler - Earl Henry (Earl Sinks)
My Suzanne - Earl Henry (Earl Sinks)
Hurry Santa, Hurry! - Carolyn Hester
Hold Me Close Tonight - Babe Ritchie
Bring Back My Cotton Sack - Babe Ritchie

Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt - Fred Crawford
Lookie, Lookie, Lookie -
Ronnie Smith
A Tiny Kiss - Ronnie Smith
My Babe - Ronnie Smith
I've Had It -
Peanuts Wilson
Cast Iron Arm -
Peanuts Wilson
My Heartbeat - Peanuts Wilson
Silly Lilly - Peanuts Wilson
You've Got Love -
Peanuts Wilson
Whole Lotta Lovin' -
Jim Robinson
When Sin Stops -
The Nighthawks
Alla Your Love -
The Nighthawks
Good-Time Girl -
The Nighthawks
Queen Of Love -
The Nighthawks
Blue Baby -
Wes Bryan
I Just Want Your Love -
Wes Bryan
I'm Keeping You - Jimmy Bowen
Well Oh Well - Jimmy Bowen
Young Romance - Tommy Hancock
Rock Baby Rock - Tommy Hancock
I Get The Blues When It Rains - Juanita Jordan
I'm Gonna Take A Stroll - Juanita Jordan

Lookie Lookie Lookie - Derrell Felts
White Bucks - Ronnie Price
Dig Ya Little Later - Rick Tucker
Play Girl - Rick Tucker
Patty Baby - Rick Tucker
Don't Do Me This Way - Rick Tucker
True Love Ways - Vi Petty
The Hula Hoop Song -
Sonny West
Doll Britches -
Sonny West
Bessie Lee -
Sonny West
Young Romance - Tommy Hancock
Do You Remember - Charlene Condray
Chaser Of Hearts - Ken Copeland
Dar Es Salaam - Ken Copeland
College Love - Neal Echols & The Raindrops
Hayride Of Love - Neal Echols & The Raindrops

David Bigham & Robert Linville as "The Roses":

Lotta Lovin' -
The Shackshakers (2000)
Mr. Heartache -
The Shackshakers (2000)
Think It Over -
Jerry Naylor (2000)
Yesterday's Teardrops
- Jerry Naylor (2000)
Everybody Should Have Lived In The '50s - 7th Street Legends (2001)
Most All Of The Time -
7th Street Legends (2001)


The Roses recording for the first time since 1959
with "The Shackshakers" in Lubbock, TX (2000)